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Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic


Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic

Marine Forces Command, Marine Forces Northern Command

Norfolk, Virginia
Promotion and Command Photo Information


Studio page Final.pdf 

Hours of Operation: Thursdays (0930-1400) By appointment only


Points of contact:


Cpl. Danielle Prentice

Pfc. Garett Burns

W: 757-836-4376

W: 757-836-4376

C: 205-456-8950






  • A hard copy of your command generated height & weight letter is required upon arrival at the studio in order for your official photo to be processed.


  • The CommStrat office will email your official photo to SMB the Friday following your appointment. You will be CC’d when the photo is submitted. This e-mail will be archived for a minimum of 45 days and maximum of 60 days.


  • You are responsible for ensuring your new photograph has been updated in your OMPF. The process typically takes approximately 7 days to update.





  • The photo studio is located in the white trailer to the left when entering the MARFORCOM supply warehouse through the loading dock at Bldg. MCA 614 Port Au Prince Ave., Camp Allen.


  • If coming from off base, please Google “Hopkins Hall Gymnasium” which is located one street away from the MARFORCOM supply warehouse.


Coordinating instructions:


  • In accordance with  MARADMIN 548/16 - The use of shirt stays and or shirt garters is allowed, however binding clips, paper clips, or any other devices to modify the wearing of the service “C” uniform, shall not be used during the completion of the OMPF photograph.


  • All official photographs will be archived with MARFORCOM CommStrat.


  • We recommend you bring a senior Marine to look over your uniform.


  • The studio is equipped with a changing room and mirror.