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Command Inspection Program
Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic, Marine Forces Command, Marine Forces Northern Command


“Principle advisor to the Commander on all inspection matters”

Advise and assist the Commander, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic (FMFLANT)/Marine Forces Command (MARFORCOM) on all inspection matters.  Through the Commanding General's Inspection Program (CGIP), we will inspect subordinate commands that are required to execute a CGIP for compliance with this order including Critical or Required Evaluation (CoRE) functional areas. Along with the core function of inspection and assessments, MARFORCOM Command Inspector General (CIG) also places emphasis on teaching and training.


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IGMC Inspection Program (MCO 5040.6J)

Commanding General’s Inspection Program (MFCO 5041.1G)


Inspections and Assessments

The MARFORCOM CIG executes the Commanding General’s Inspection Program (CGIP) to assess overall readiness and functional area compliance essential to mission performance.  On a biennial basis, the MARFORCOM CIG assembles inspection teams of subject matter experts to inspect subordinate commands that are commanded by board selected Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels not covered by another CGIP.  As directed, the CIG conducts focused functional inspections to assess the performance of specific programs within the force.  Inspections focus on identifying root causes of problems, particularly those beyond ability of the commander to solve.  The CIG conducts follow-up visits and resolution of outstanding issues beyond the ability of the commander to solve.


Teaching and Training

The CIG conducts teaching and training on the conduct of inspections.  The CIG and inspectors provide teaching and training on proper methods for achieving programmatic compliance.  The CIG provides information to complainants on proper methods for addressing issues.  The CIG provides training on the conduct of IG related programs.


IG HOTLINE                              (757) 836-2128
CIG                                           (757) 836-2132
Deputy CIG                               (757) 836-2150
CIG Chief                                  (757) 836-2128
CIG Investigator                        (757) 836-0773
Fax                                            (757) 836-2147