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Fleet Marine Force Atlantic

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command

Norfolk, Virginia

From the MARFORCOM Family Readiness Officer

Greetings and Welcome Aboard!

Family Readiness is a priority and is one of the primary foundations in mission readiness. I would like to welcome you and your family to U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command (MARFORCOM) and ensure that you have the necessary contact information needed, while you are a part of this Command.  As the Force Family Readiness Officer (FRO), my primary duty is your family readiness and morale. I am also the informational link between the MARFORCOM Commander and your local unit Family Readiness Officers. Your unit Family Readiness Officers will keep you informed of training events, briefs, local, current and command-sponsored events. You will receive e-mails, phone calls and messages from MOL informing you of what is taking place within your respective command. Please promptly inform your unit FRO if your contact information changes at any time, so that they can update their databases.

The primary mission of the FRO is to represent the Commander’s vision, and be the link between you, your family and the Command Family Readiness Team. This will be done by ensuring you are well informed about all programs and resources available to you and your family while you are a member of the MARFORCOM family.

We look forward to seeing you at family readiness briefs, training events and command family functions. Shortly after you check in, there will be a unit “New Join Brief” that you will be invited to attend. If you are married, your spouse/designated family member will also be invited to attend. 

Please feel free to contact your respective unit FRO with any feedback on events you attend or would like to attend. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

Marine Corps Family Team Building, Fleet and Family Services, and Semper Fit are just a few of the departments that offer classes and training that may be of interest to you and your family. You can access these sites by logging on to the applicable unit website listed below.

On behalf of the Force Command Family Readiness Team, I would like to welcome you to the MARFORCOM family. I along with the other unit FROs look forward to assisting you and your family, with any concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to call your FRO!

MARFORCOM, Headquarters and Service Battalion:

CWO2 Sword, (757) 444-6469



Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group:

Captain J. Flexman, (757) 962-4430 ext. 2401
Gunnery Sgt. D. Whithers (757) 962-4430 ext.  2241/2366



Chemical Biological Incident Response Force:

Ramona Higgins, (301) 744-5025



Marine Corps Security Force Regiment:

Doretta Richardson, ((757) 637-9372



II Marine Expeditionary Force:

Ann Morey, (910) 451-4026

https://www.lejeune.marines.mil  or https://www.mccslejeune-newriver.com  


Again “Welcome Aboard”

Colin A. Moore, MARFORCOM, Family Readiness Officer

BLDG NH-33, Rm 118

Work: 757.836.2072, BB: 757.903.1212


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command

Family Readiness

The goal of the Family Readiness Program is to provide support to Marines and their families. Family is defined as all members of a Marine's family and Marines have three families: the family they are born into, sworn into and  married into. Family support shall be provided to service members(regardless of marital status), spouses, children, and the designated parents/extended family members of Marines and Sailors. Personal and Family readiness leads to an increase in unit readiness. 

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