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Fleet Marine Force Atlantic


Fleet Marine Force Atlantic

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command

Norfolk, Virginia

MARFORCOM SharePoint Services and Account Requests

NIPRNet SharePoint Portal Access

New Users
To request an account on the MARFORCOM NIPRNet Portal, you will need to fill out and submit a user agreement form.

Existing Users

If you already have an account and access established, click the link above for access to the Marine Forces Command NIPRNet SharePoint Portal.

SIPRNet SharePoint Portal Access

In order to obtain access to the SIPRNet SharePoint portal, you must have both an active System Access Authorization Request (SAAR) as well as a current Information Awareness certificate on file. Please download the SAAR from the link below and turn it in to the G-6 Service Desk. Questions regarding the SAAR or Information Awareness requirements can be handled directly by the Service Desk at 757-836-1725.

MARFORCOM SharePoint Services and Account Requests


To obtain an account and access to the GCCS system, download the form below, then follow the enclosed instructions.
Need Help?

Requests for assistance with SharePoint Portal or GCCS-related access issues should be reported to the MARFORCOM G-6 Support desk at the following telephone numbers;

COMM: (757) 836-1725
DSN: 836-1725