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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command

Norfolk, Virginia

Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command (COMMARFORCOM), commands Active Component (AC) Service-retained operating forces; executes USMC force generation actions across the AC/RC Components in provisioning of joint capable Marine Corps forces, and directs deployment planning and execution of Service-retained operating forces in support of Combatant Commander (CCDR) and Service requirements; serves as Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic (CG FMFLANT) and commands embarked Marine Corps forces; coordinates Marine Corps-Navy integration of operational initiatives and advises Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF) on support to Marine Corps forces assigned to U.S. Navy ships, bases, and installations; and conducts Service-directed operational tasks as required.

Marine Corps News
Defense Support to Civil Authorities LOADEX

Marines ready for disaster at a moment's notice

By Cpl. Andy Orozco | August 29, 2014

NORFOLK, Va. - Approximately 185 Marines with 2nd Marine Logistics Group assigned to the Defense Support of Civil Authorities, or DSCA, worked with sailors from Navy Expeditionary Combat Command to conduct loading exercises in order to maintain DSCA mission readiness and to strengthen the Navy-Marine Corps relationship Aug. 26-29.  Over the past MORE
Marines Taking Care of Marines: Marine Corps Leadership Development

Marines taking care of Marines: Marine Corps Leadership Development

By | April 21, 2014

NORFOLK, Va. (April 16, 2012) – Marine Corps University via the Lejeune Leadership Institute hosted a Marine Corps Leadership Development (MCLD) Workshop for the Marines, sailors and civilian Marines at U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command (MARFORCOM) April 15-16.  The workshop, based on the Marine Corps Leadership Development draft order, focused on MORE